Church of God by Faith, Inc. was incorporated in 1923 as a Connectional Denomination. Our Founders determined early-on that each local congregation under its corporate umbrella should share the responsibility of the mission and larger cause of the church and thus; they assessed “budgets” accordingly.  This method of support has become a long and familiar tradition among Church of God by Faith churches, but its purpose and significance has diminished along the way.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the costs for goods and services have gone up by 46% since the year 2000, and yet, our churches have been paying the same budget amounts for nearly two decades.

It remains true that the best way we can support our church and it causes at home and abroad is through each local church and district giving proportionally. However, rather than referring to this method of giving as budgets, the term Apportionments better describes the responsibility we share. In other words, every district, local church, ministry, and mission is to share A Portion Meant for Others.


ByFaith made great advancements in its early days, partially because it assured accountability and transparency through publishing each church’s financial data in annual report booklets. While, it’s not appropriate to publicize each church’s financials today, it is fitting as connected-congregations to post each church apportionment, and the amounts and percentages paid.  Going forward, this data will be maintained and accessible online on this site.

This way, each individual, each family, and each congregation has the opportunity to give a fair share for the church’s work. And, as we combine our prayers, presence, gifts and service, we will impact the world in a significant way. Together, we can accomplish what no single church, or district could ever hope to do alone.