Church of God by Faith Deacons and Deaconesses Retreat 

For the first time in the history of the Church of God by Faith, Inc,, the Executive Council has endorsed a National Deacons and Deaconesses Retreat.  This important ministry follows the release of the new Deacon’s Training Manual and the start of the first National COGBF Deacons/Deaconesses Training Class.
All of this recent attention on this ministry is the recognition that if we are to grow as a church body, deacons and deaconesses are to be on the front-lines of these efforts. Qualified “helpers” can free the hands of pastors to do the work that God has called them to do by caring for the spiritual and temporal needs of congregates.
  • For COGBF deacons and deaconess to come together to
      study more effective ways to administer the service of the
  • To develop strategies to meet the requirements of this
       present age more effectively .
  • Collaborate with deacons and deaconesses from other
       districts and local churches
  • To fellowship and relax in a peaceful environment
  • To eat and sleep well as we prepare for the many tasks
       before us
The Georgia Baptist Conference Center is nestled on 850 wooded acres on serene Lake Louise. Outdoor activities include fishing, lake swimming, 150′ water slide, hiking, canoeing, tennis, and basketball.
The facilities include 240 guest rooms, 1000-seat auditorium, 300-seat chapel, 42 meeting rooms, coffee shop, snack shop and lake-view dining room with southern cooking at its finest.You make watch the video on the left for additional information.
Deacons/Deacons Wives Retreat Opening Day

  • DATE: October 5-7, 2017
  • THEME::Who were we? Who are we? Where are we going? 
  • Schedule: TBA
  • Resort Website Here 
  • Resort Photo Gallery Here
  • COGBF Website Here
  • COGBF Deacon’s Manual Here
  • Deacon’s Family Ministry Plan Here


All attendees must fit into one of these following categories:
  • All Church of God by Faith deacons and deaconesses are invited to attend this event
  • The spouses of COGBF deacons and deaconesses
  • Invited special guests and speakers
  • Members of the Executive Council
  • All other guests who desire to attend but do not fit into these categories must be approved by the conference leadership
  • No children or other unapproved individuals who do not fit into these categories.

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    My husband and I think this is a honor and Awesome idea. We are from The Blood Covenant COGBF in Hawkinsville Ga. Pastor : Elder Cannie Lester.

    If possible forward more info to this email address.


    • admin says:

      So glad you’re pleased with this opportunity.

    • Deacon Al L Smith, II says:

      Yes we are excited about this, also and are looking for the Lord to move in a mighty way. We are hoping that this will be a stepping stone for this ministry to really promote the Kingdom and catch fire! SALT and LIGHT! Hope to see you there and get a chance to meet you all
      Blessings to you all!

  2. Deacon Charlie McBride says:

    Thank you for visiting the Retreat site. We are very excited about this opportunity to share information that we feel will excite the Deacons/Deaconesses as we learn and share with each other. Our task is to be able to take ideas and suggestions back to our local churches and districts that will allow us to grow and that growth will enable us to be better equipped to serve.

    Looking to see new faces and get a chance to talk and share.

    God’s Blessings upon you all,

  3. Deacon Vincent Grimes says:

    I Deacon Grimes and my wife is excited about the retreat. and think it a great idea to bring Deacon together and plans to be apart of this wonderful blessing for all Deacon to come together. Mt Pleasant Church of God by faith . Dr Alonzo Smith Sr Pastor.

  4. Joyce Turner says:

    Thanking God for a great opportunity to see. The First Deacon/Deaconess Ministry making History My husband was Late Deacon Ollie F. Turner Sr he served 17 year at Sears Street COGBF in Douglas Ga. This is so Awesome

    • Deacon Al Smith, II says:

      We are excited about it, also! Hopefully this will be a great legacy to commemorate all those that have played a great role in this ministry and have gone on. Will you be attending?

  5. Deacon Ross says:

    Looking to attend and have great time

  6. Deacon David &Betty Head says:

    we are looking forward to this retreat time to get better educated,as well as be qualified to deal with church families and friends in our church and better serve in the office of deacon and deaconess. We feel like after being in this organization for over 35 years ,this is where God wants us to be .God has given us the desire to serve God’s peoples and the man of God our pastors.

  7. Deacon David &Betty Head says:

    Thank God for this God ordain retreat,we feel that is over due,but thanks for those that organized and got the approval.My husband has been serving in the deacon capacity for 35 years with the God given desire to serve,God’s people and man of God.Only one pastor under the leadership of Elder Cannie Lester.This is wonderful.

  8. Deacon David &Betty Head says:

    Thank God for being a part of this retreat overdue.

  9. Deacon David &Betty Head says:

    We are looking forward to this retreat ready.

  10. Deacon David &Betty Head says:

    Thanks to our Bishop board and God.

    • Deacon Charlie McBride says:

      Greetings, we are getting a number of inquiries regarding the Deacons Retreat. I am pleased to know that interest in our First National Deacons/Deacons Wives and Deaconesses Retreat is taking off. I look forward to meeting with everyone in October at the Georgia Baptist Convention Center in Toccoa, Georgia.

      God bless each of you and please encourage others to attend this first event.

      Deacon Charlie McBride

      • Deacon Charlie McBride says:

        Praises to our God, I am happy and pleased that our 1st Deacons and Deacons Wives 2017 Retreat was a success. We had I believe 55 in attendance. We had a packed 3 days of training which was enjoyed by all. We were also blessed to have Ruling Elder H. N. Turner with us for the entire Retreat.
        Of course this Retreat being our first one, we learned some things that we can do better for our next Retreat which hopefully will be held in October of 2018. The Retreat Committee has already begun working on ideas to make our 2nd Annual Retreat even better. This time around we hope to have more Retreat time verses our first retreat which centered around training and very little down time. I must say however, that the training that was provided was very necessary and will catapult us to the level as we continue to work to be good stewards as required in our roles as Deacons and Deaconess.

        Come join us for our next retreat in 2018. More information will be forthcoming.
        Looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 Deacons and Deacon Wives Retreat. By the way others can be invited to attend as well.

        Be blessed,

        Deacon Charlie McBride

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