2018 Pastoral Continuing Ed Course Offerings


Spring 2018 – Starts January 6, 2018

LDR101 – Introduction to Leadership provides an introduction to the various leadership styles and their effectiveness and/ ineffectiveness in leading God’s people. Recognizing one’s leadership style will provide insight to the results obtained in ministry, at home and in the community of which the leader serves. The course material will focus primarily on God’s plan for Kingdom Leaders. This class is taught from recordings of Bishop James E. McKnight and hosted by the staff at CTI.



Starts Fall 2018

DOC201 – COGBF Doctrine and Practices provides students with an in-debt study of the Ritual of the Church of God by Faith. Students will learned about the COGBF Articles of Faith, Constitution, leadership structure, leadership authority, leadership prohibitions and reporting structure of the COGBF. Students will also learn to perform a variety of different ministerial ceremonies.