Pastor’s Continuing Education (PCEd)

OVERVIEW: The Church of God by Faith Theological Institute is committed to providing spiritual training to ordained pastors, elders and ministers in a structured learning environment with the expressed purpose of equipping them for ministry within the Kingdom of God. The practice of continuing education in ByFaith was first introduced at the 1926 General Assembly in Alachua, Fl.  Bishop Aaron Matthews and the Executive Council created a separate program to provide ongoing training for the elders and deacons of the church. They later enhanced the program by sending the emerging leaders to Meridian, Mississippi to the Southern Leadership Conference. 2 Peter 1:5 reads: “For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge.”

Today’s Council is following the scripture and ByFaith’s long tradition of “adding to our knowledge” through this new Continuing Education Program.

The exciting thing is that students are able to learn in the comfort of their homes and collaborate with other pastors all year long; instead of just at the conventions.
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The clergy of the Church of God by Faith, Inc. will have the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning to stay abreast of current Christian education trends to enhance the work of ministry. This Continuing Education Program will consist of select courses aimed at helping ministers and pastors manage church affairs in an efficient manner.


1. All ordained/consecrated clergy possessing a minister’s license from the Church of God by Faith, Inc., will engage in the Continuing Education Program by taking continuing education courses.
2. Pastors are expected to complete (2) two courses over a two year period. One class is equal to 3-credit hours of Continuing Education Credits CEUs.
3. Ordained ministers and elders are expected to complete (3) three courses over a two-year period.
4. NOTE: License renewal is contingent upon the successful completion of the required CEUs  with a grade of “C” or better for pastors and ministers. 


  1. APPLICATION FEE – The one-time, non-refundable application fee is $30.00.

  2. TUITION COSTS – The current tuition is $75.00 per course. The due date for fees will be posted each semester and students who do not comply will pay late fees or potentially be dropped.
 3. TECHNOLOGY FEE – Students will pay a $25.00 per Semester Technology Fee to support the technologies it requires to provide quality instruction.
4. CHURCH SUPPORT – The Executive Council expects local ByFaith churches to pay the tuition for their pastors.

CTI SUPPORT                                    

The staff at CTI has a full administrative staff that is poised to assist students as they enter into this program. There are several technology experts, two deans, a president, registrar and writing support instructor to help guarantee success.


All students must attend classes to receive full credit for each course.  When an absence is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor prior to a scheduled class, to ensure the student is on track with assignments and/ other requirements. Students, who miss more than three classes per course, run the risk of being withdrawn with a failing grade and will be required to retake the course.  Students will be required to re-enroll, pay new tuition and successfully complete all courses in order to be eligible for license renewal.


Each course is worth 3 continuing education credit hours/continuing education units.  The grading scale is “A – F” and only grades of a “C” or better will pass the course.  Students who do not pass must repeat the course before advancing to other courses.  Students who fail the same course twice must contact the academic advisor for counseling.


Several books are required for all students to complete this program.  Students will receive a list of books to purchase on the announcement of the course schedule. Books should be purchased in the bookstore. A list of books will be available each semester.
The Church of God by Faith, Inc. operates on a continuous enrollment system. This means that any ordained clergy in this organization may enroll in CTI at any time during the year. It is extremely important that students complete their applications as soon as possible to get them into the CTI education system even if the classes are taken at a later date. It is essential to share that CTI is a professional religious institution that is registered with the State of Florida. Consequently, all students must adhere to the advertised deadlines for each term.


Each course will meet for eight, 1-hour sessions of online instructions during the Spring and Fall Semesters. Courses taken at any other time will NOT count toward the CEUs. Classes meet by-monthly. There are papers to write as well as online tests, discussion boards and short-answer essays. Each course comes with a syllabus that should be followed carefully. The course schedule will vary at the discretion of the Governing Board of CTI. All CTI instructors are carefully selected and trained. A list of courses will be available each semester.


Students are required to have access to a computer system and the internet because the course instructions are delivered online. It is also recommended that students use a personal headset for the best instructional experience. Those who lack computer skills should seek assistance from someone able to provide support throughout the educational process. Again, students are expected to sign-on to online training sessions so access to a computer is mandatory.  


To effectively manage this population it is imperative to have a dedicated Continuing Education (CE) Director to assist with the Advanced Ministerial Studies and other continuing education programs.  The CE Director will be responsible for assisting the Registrar with enrollment, academic advisement, purchasing books, as well as assisting the students with managing their coursework.


Academic resources consist of a writing lab and assisted learning sessions.  An Introduction to Writing class is offered every semester to assist students with improving their basic writing skills.  Students will receive assistance with essays and research papers to ensure they meet the APA style requirement.  Students identified with a documented learning disability may request personal assistance from the CTI staff.