Rededicating Wyandanch, NY
Emma Paul was the 12th of 13 children born to Elder William and Mattie Davis of Hastings, FL, She was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 19. She married Mr. Leonard F. Paul and they parented nine children.
1959: The Pauls relocated from Hastings, FL to Amityville, NY. .They purchased land and built a three-room home which was later known as ‘THE SHACK.”  Sister Emma and her children opened her home for prayer, Bible study and a Ministry of Helps to the community. She continued the mission and sent all monies collected to Deacon Cleveland. E. Roberts in Hastings, where Eider John Robinson was the pastor.
As the Family Home Mission continued in Amityville, Sister Emma and family traveled to the COGBF in Paterson, N. J. for monthly fellowship with Elder James lvy who served as their pastor.
1959-61: Bishop W. W. Matthews and Elder Nathaniel Scippio, sent Elder George Robinson to oversee the mission in the “Shack.” Elder Robinson and his wife began conducting Sunday school and regular church services. Elder Robinson and wife lived with the Paul family for a period of time.
Brother Leonard and Missionary Emma Paul
As time passed, Sister Paul heard that there were some saints from Belle Glade, FL living close by. They were Deacon R.T. and Mother Mattie Lou Moore and their daughter, Sister Geneva Faison. Sister Paul located them and in time, they started fellowshipping in the “Shack.”
Elder Robinson returned to Florida and Minister Henry Moore Jr. carried the church on until he was replaced by Minister Norris Porter. After Minister Porter, Elder Hayward Brown was appointed pastor until he was replaced by Elder Albert J. Williams.
The COGBF continued in Amityville, in the “SHACK “until the Lord moved on Sister Paul to look for land. Being led by the Spirit, she looked for land in Amityville and Wyandanch,
Sister Paul accompanied by Sister Mattie Lee Burgess, found the Candy Kitchen and the land it sat on in Wyandanch, N. Y. As an act of faith, these sisters picked up rocks throwing them over the land and verbally proclaiming this land for The Church of God By Faith. Shortly thereafter, Deacon RT Moore contacted the owner, and the land was purchased by the church.

After moving from the “SHACK” and the purchase of the “CANDY KITCHEN” the Pastor along with a  number of church members, worked to build a new edifice at 114 Long island Ave Wyandanch, New York, This was accomplished by hard-work, fund-raisers, rallies, programs and monetary donations from the members. Additionally, Elder Scippo gave a 10k donation to pay off the Candy Kitchen.

Wyandanch Under Construction
The Founding Members: Missionary Emma L. Paul, Sister Mattie L. Burgess; Deacon R T and Mattie L. Moore; Sister Geneva Fasion, Deacon Cleveland E. and Maude Roberts (pictured left), Lois Roberts; Melvera Lucas, Sister ldella Williams, Deacon Marvin Simms, Sister Hattie Roberts, Sister Geneva Goodbread, Min. Roosevelt and Dorothy O’Neal, Sister Ollie Mayvins and Sister Maggie Roberts.
Under the leadership and guidance of Elder A.J. Williams, the church developed and grew into a power-house. Growth continued after the new church was built, and dedicated to the Lord. Following Elder Williams, District Elder E.P. Livingston was appointed pastor in 1982 and he appointed Elder Sherman Roberts as pastor in 1986 when he was moved to South Carolina. The current leader is Pastor Brian and Lady Annette Cole.who are shown in the first photo of the full Gallery. 
Oh, what an amazing celebration that was attended by the entire Executive Council. To God be the Glory!!
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