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For a full-time student, the expectation is to complete the courses as follows:

  • Fall Term: 9 Credit Hours (3 courses)
  • General Assembly: 6 Credit Hours (2 courses)
  • Spring Term: 9 Credit Hours (3 courses) 
  • Summer Term: 3 Credit Hours (1 course)
  • Summer Convention: 6 Credit hours (2 courses)
This schedule presents the opportunity for students to complete the Ministerial Certificate programs in two years and the Pastoral Certification program in four years.

The five required ministerial courses in a student’s certificate program will be taught in full semester terms and not during the conventions. Consequently, students should enroll in those courses in sequential order each semester to assure that he/she graduates on time.


Special courses may be offered at CTI to assist enrollees who seek to enhance their body of knowledge in other ministry areas including but not limited to: Home Mission, Deaconship, Choir Leadership, Church Administration and Children’s Ministry. The instructors of these courses may be recruited from ministries outside of the EB but must maintain the same CTI policies and procedures. Enrollees must pay the same application and tuition fees as those enrolled in the certificate programs.


All students must attend classes to successfully complete the curriculum. Coordination for absences should be discussed with the instructors ahead of time to ensure that students are on track with assignments and to obtain any additional requirements for missed instructions. Students who miss more than three classes per course, run the risk of being withdrawn with a failing grade. Students will be required to re-enroll and successfully complete all courses in order to be eligible to be considered for graduation and ordination/consecration.


It is mandatory that every candidate register and attends all summer conventions as well as the General Sessions. Any person not attending must be approved by the Examining Board administrative staff at least two weeks before the start of the convention.


All students are expected to attend the summer conventions and winter general assemblies. This is crucial because of the intense study during those times. The expectation is to offer several courses during conventions as well as final exams for the Fall and Spring terms. Therefore, those who do not attend will be significantly behind and off of their program study cycle.


Students are required to have access to a computer system and the internet because a great deal of course instruction will be delivered on-line. It is also recommended that students use a personal headset for the best instructional experience. Those who lack computer skills should seek assistance from someone able to provide support throughout the educational process. Again, students are expected to sign-on to on-line training sessions so access to a computer is mandatory. See more details and a reminder about hardware and software requirements on the Login Page.

• Live instructions at the national conventions
• Live instructions at the district level
• Live, on-line computer instructions
• Recorded on-line instruction
• Individual practicums


The current cost of each course is $75.00 and may increase with notification. The due date for fees will be posted each semester and students who do not comply will pay late fees or potentially be dropped.