Church of God by Faith Ministers and Pastors Vestments
Pastors and Ministers Vestments: The wearing of uniforms or special regalia is a tradition that can be traced to biblical times.  It signifies the distinction of being set apart from the rest of society.  Individuals wearing uniforms or special regalia are chosen or have accepted the call to perform specific duties to serve God and humanity.  Exodus chapter 28 describes the vestments specifically designed for Aaron and his sons to minister unto the Lord.  The vestments reflect the specific guidelines of God which in turn held special meaning for the children of Israel.
What follows is a brief description of the various vestments that are used in the Church of God by Faith, Inc. All of them are based on biblically sound principles and are to only be purchased and worn by authorized church ministers and elders:
Cassock: The black robe which is worn during the service is the symbol of an elder and servant. The bishop is first and foremost, a servant and one among the brethren. Worn by ordained male ministers and Elders in the Church of God by Faith.
Cincture: This garment is a symbol of Christ. It speaks of the bishop’s willingness to serve his brethren pursuant to the example of His Lord. Worn by ordained male ministers and Elders in the Church of God by Faith. 
Surplice: A liturgical vestment of the Christian Church. It has the form of a tunic of white linen or cotton material, with wide or moderately wide sleeves, reaching to the hips or knees. It usually features lace decoration and may have embroidered borders Worn by ordained male ministers and Elders in the Church of God by Faith. 
Tippet: A ceremonial scarf which is worn over the surplice as a sign of his authority to preach .Worn by pastors in the Church of God by Faith. Black for all, other colors by rank.
Women Ministers Vestments: Solid black clergy skirt suit with mandarin banded collar; skirt tailored at mid-calf with full-length sleeves on the jacket; simplistic stud earrings and no neck jewelry.

Ordained as Elders and Ministers

Total Price: $255.70


 Consecrated Women Ministry Vestments
Price: $159.00
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  • Features Stately Satin Around The Collar
  • Cuffs are Also Detailed With the Clergy Brocade
  • Exceptional Brocade Design Featuring a Clergy Pattern 
  • 2 Pc. Suit Also Includes the Full Length Skirt
  • Great Modern Design and Full Fit for Easy Movement
  • Sizes 10-24
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